Code of conduct


Code of Conduct


  1. All students must have an up to date training licence.
  1. Membership fee's must be paid in advance of training.
  1. All students must follow intructions given by instructor(s) at all times.
  2. All injuries or illness (other than those disclosed in the joining membership form) must be disclosed to the instructor BEFORE class begins.
  3. All students must take reasonable care to ensure their own personal safety and that of others around them (i.e training partners).
  4. All sparring matches are to be conducted in accordance with IBJJF rules.
  5. All students must wear a gum shield while sparring.
  6. All students must have adequate hygiene BEFORE the start of each class.
  7. All students must ensure they have closely trimmed nails to both hands and feet.
  8. All Gi's and fightwear is to be cleaned BEFORE each class/Session.
  9. All students must wear a rashguard while training.
  10. All students MUST wear footwear to the toilets (i.e sandals/trainers).
  11. When sparring priority on the mats is to always be given to senior grades.
  12. No outdoor footwear is to be worn on the mats at any time.
  13. All jewellery is to be removed BEFORE training, this includes but is not limited to, chains, rings, belts and piercing based jewellery.
  14. All mobile phones are to be turned off or to silent BEFORE training begins.
  15. Bullying will not be tollerated be that verbal or physical.
  16. Repeated bad personal hygiene will not be tolerated.
  17. Stealing of any kind will not be tolerated.
  18. Abuse of Club equipment or staff will not be tolerated
  19. Deliberate use of a dangerous technique to harm others will not be tolerated.
  20. ............If in doubt then ASK

Breaching a rule in RED may result in your automatic ban from the club and cancellation of your membership without a refund.